Panetta Photography

social documentary

A Military Heritage

Each year on November 11th, nations come together to remember the many fallen soldiers of a battle that still lingers in the minds of a diminishing group of veterans. As the years pass, and the veterans slowly pass away, it becomes their memorabilia that keep the spark of their national pride alive. Many follow in their footsteps, living out a self proclaimed ‘call to duty’, yet the battles that we remember to be some of the largest in our history are slowly becoming a forgotten past. We’ve entered into a time where wars are waged primarily on capitalistic dominance and the lives of many take a back seat to lucrative gain. The series ‘A Military Heritage’ documents this fading group of veterans through one Remembrance Day celebration, inter-twined with their war memorabilia. Photographed in a nostalgic aesthetic, the images portray a haunting, timeless and somewhat un-spoken and forgotten history that has affected many lives in this city.

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