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don’t pass me by (cont.)

This photo was taken in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario.  Another image to go with my growing series, titled “Don’t Pass Me By…”  You can find the others here and here.

Rome & Religion

I am currently sifting through a backlog of images and projects that I worked on over the last year. I will post selects from each in the following days and weeks.

To get the ball rolling, here are a couple images that were taken while wandering the streets of Rome.

of mice and men…

As I was covering the Holy Saturday processions in Madrid, I came across a small, dark alley way.  Here I found the home of a local street performer that I had seen on countless occasions standing in the main square, dressed in his mouse costume for the amusement of local and foreign children.  As a crucified Christ passed by on the shoulders of the devoted, I felt more compelled to visually tell a part of this mans unknown story than to capture what was happening outside.


Madrid Beggar

“We are all beggars, each in his own way” -Mark Twain


The Pointer

A man points at his cup with each person that passes him by.

don’t pass me by (cont.)

A few more images to go along with this project…

don´t pass me by

A few images from a project that I´m currently working on.