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Recumbent Christ

I’m always fascinated by the eerie beauty that naturally occurs within Cathedrals.  There is something about that faint, natural light streaming in through the stained glass windows that quiets the soul and forces people to talk in a respectful whisper.  I’ve found that the older the Cathedral or Church the more intense this feeling becomes.

This image was taken during a recent visit to the Santa Iglesia Cathedral in Segovia, Spain.  Found within its many rooms, works of art produced by some of history’s great masters are displayed.  Inside the Chapel of The Descent from the Cross you can view this polychrome Recumbent Christ, crafted by Gregorio Fernandez in the 17th Century.

My Carriage

They’ve walked over countless kilometers of sand, mud, concrete and grass.  They’ve been scorched by the mid day heat of the Sahara, drowned in monsoon rains and have sat idly by as monks chanted their end of day prayers.  They are completely worn through, yet I cannot bring myself to throw them out.  To most, they are just a pair of old shoes…to me, they are so much more.