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top chef

Just warmin’ up at a recent shoot with Chef Carl Heinrich (season 2 winner of Top Chef Canada) at his restaurant, Richmond Station.  As is the case with any great restaurant, fresh, local ingredients are used on the regular here. Located just off the corner of Yonge & Richmond, in the heart of downtown Toronto, this is definitely somewhere you will want to eat…trust me.


Andrew Kuntz is a renowned Canadian glass artist. He creates beautiful blown and sculptured pieces out of the shared studio space, Glen Williams Glass, in Georgetown. 


While on assignment for work, I had the opportunity to photograph what would be my first wedding.  It was a staged wedding in front of Niagara Falls for the commercial that we were shooting, but these guys were together for almost 8 years and were more in love than most.  I’ve travelled to many countries where this scene would have never taken place, so it’s nice to know that Canada (among many others) encourages people to be proud of the love that they share with someone else, regardless of their sex.

winding down

I’ve recently returned from almost four weeks on the road photographing the beautiful (and expansive) province of Ontario.  I’m now winding down and sifting through the images.  The shoot was for Ontario Tourism and along with the stills, they commissioned a video crew to shoot some beautiful b-roll footage as well.  This image personally represents that quintessential summer feeling.  It’s a cold Toronto morning out, so it’s fitting that this is my first post from what has become a large Ontario series.

don’t pass me by (cont.)

This photo was taken in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario.  Another image to go with my growing series, titled “Don’t Pass Me By…”  You can find the others here and here.

Happy New Year

To everyone out there, have a great New Year!  And to all the photojournalists/photo-reporters/documentary photographers that are out there right now, risking their lives (at times) to follow a calling that help the rest of the world see what most cannot or choose not to, I hope this year brings you more inspiration and courage to continue on your paths.


don´t pass me by

A few images from a project that I´m currently working on.

Big Brother

This was one of the most personal projects that I’ve worked on to date.  My oldest brother passed away in a car accident when I was about 17 years old, he was 26.   For anyone who’s lost a sibling, they can appreciate how devastating something like that can be.  As the years passed and days turned into over a decade, I realized that specific memories of his physical being began to fade over time.  The memory of who he was as a person I’ll never forget, but physically, it becomes harder and harder to remember certain things with memory alone.  All the images in this series are pictures of Maurizio taken throughout his life, I re-photographed them with a specific technique to visually represent this idea of a fading memory.  They are meant to document his life from early childhood on.  These are a selection from a larger body of work.

Dr. Seuss book filled out by Maurizio as a child